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Jan 12, 2016


If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I was doing a kitchari cleanse last week.  I got so many questions about it that I wanted to discuss it with you.  Today’s post is not about a specific cleanse or how to cleanse.  We will discuss some of the dos and don’ts that surround cleansing and the right and wrong reasons to do them.

Cleansing can be a great decision when wanting to be healthier and give your digestive system a little break.  When we cleanse or fast with water, juices, teas and/or easy to digest foods like kitchari our digestive system that is used to working almost all the time gets a bit of a break and the rest of the body can get to work.  The organs start to cleanse and the body has an easier time ridding itself of weak and sick cells.  It has the ability to focus on problem areas and can start to help heal them.

An added bonus of cleansing is weight loss but you must not be too attached to this outcome.  Yes, you will probably lose a few pounds over the course of a cleanse (sometimes even a few pounds every day) but this really isn’t a good telling of where the number on the scale will end up.  When we change our daily eating habits our weight shifts in the direction of how we are eating.  A cleansing menu isn’t really sustainable for most of us in the long run so when we shift back to other eating habits our weight will reflect that.

Setting an intention to be healthy instead of aiming for a specific weight is a great way to start feeling better and weight loss will usually follow.  If we set the intention to be healthier we start to look at things differently.  You start to tune in with how you feel after you eat.  You can let go of the body shaming that sometimes comes with weight loss plans.  If we focus on keeping ourselves healthy and intuitively eating we start to understand when we are filling up and when it’s time to put down the fork.  We don’t have to count calories and macro-nutrients to tell us when and what to eat.   Once you get out of your head and start listening to yourself, some of these changes come naturally.


What are your intentions for doing a cleanse?  If your answer is only to lose weight and you plan on going straight back into your old routine, I suggest skipping it at this time.  Maybe you should focus on making small sustainable changes to your current diet.  When we yo-yo back and forth it is really hard on our systems and we typically end up worse or heavier than when we started.

A cleanse might be right for you…  IF you have been eating unhealthier more regularly and you want to get back on track.  IF you are working on getting over food cravings and you want a clean and strict set of guidelines to help you take some of the first steps.  IF you want to change the way you eat and are ready to make some long-term change.   IF you intuitively feel like this is a good place to start.

Cleansing is not for everyone at every point in his or her life.  If you are considering a cleanse really check in with yourself and make sure you are doing it for the right and long term reasons.  If you have any questions please contact me or leave a comment below!

Peace and health,


“It is about feeding ourselves as a good parent would: with love, with variety, but also with limits.” – Bree Wilson

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